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Community Garden at the Allotment
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We are a group of 20 families that came together in February 2015 with a view to “growing a few vegetables” in a strip of overgrown land inside the walled garden of St. Anne’s Park allotments.  Within our first year, we planted 5 plots of mixed vegetables, 2 plots of potatoes, built a kids play zone, created a picnic grass area and furnished it with old pallets and some super finds from skips! We also built a Teepee from Willow rods & planted native apple & plum trees. We are 100% organic in our seeds and our care of the soil.  We don’t fight with Nature, we work with it and care for it.  We have learned a lot along the way about native species, growing in season, what’s easy to grow , what’s not and experimented with a few plants along the way.  Which we all agree that eating home grown foods is good for the environment, we have found our common interest in cooking and eating has multiplied.  As we are a wide diversity of people from all walks of life we have found our overall interest is not only in the growing but also in  “eating the grub”! The amount of dinners, dishes, pies, cakes, crumbles, and “pot luck” has been nothing short of amazing. Our success has come from our collaboration and teamwork. By dividing the tasks (watering, planting, weeding) we have multiplied our successes. While everyone takes on the responsibility of a crop, we all share in the results. It has been a terrific second year. Roll on year 3!
Enjoy browsing through our gallery!
1 Community Garden Photo
5 Garden Structure
4 Garden Structure
6 Pototoes
8 Garden Structure
2 Willow Dome
3 Willow Dome 2
7 Willow Dome
19 Container Mural Signatures
24 Pumpkins
17 Courgettes
16 Potatoes
23 Pumpkins
22 Gourds
15 Courgettes
13 Picnic area
21 Parsnips
20 Tomatoes
14 Tomatoes
12 Picnic Table
18 Snap peas
11 Summer
10 Seat
11 Seat
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